ORTHOPATHY is the True Science of Health and Disease

ORTHOPATHY means Correcting the pathology of disease. Body Musculoskeletal correction.

Orthopathic comes from the Greek, Orthos, erect, regular, right, correct; and Pathos, to suffer.

The word  means Right or Correct Suffering, and is intended to convey the thought that when one is sick, his condition is governed by law as truly as when he is well.

Contrary to the teaching of Therapy, i we will be teaching , and prove, that no symptom of health or disease, no pain or pleasure, no weakness or strength, ever occurs in the animated organism, except under the control and direction of Law.

Orthopathic Science encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle ,skeletal and nervous  system monitoring to access information about a person’s wellbeing.

When Specific points on fascia, muscle and sensory neurons are stimulated by Orthopathic Brain Stimulation special techniques  a message is send to the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), to  release  endorphins and enkephalins (naturally produced  pain killers) and other neurotransmitters (body chemicals that modify nerve impulses)which will  have  regulatory and positive  effects to a wide range of disorders and body systems  (Defense, Nervous, Musculoskeletal, Digestive, Hormonal, Sensory, Urogenital, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Lymphatic, Skin.

The  Orthopathic method uses:   Musculoskeletal techniques, Ortho -pressure , AcuLazer, Spino-Cranio – adjustment. Orthomolecular adjustment, Therapeutic exercise,  Detoxification and natural food therapy.

Conclusion: The Central Nervous System produces  naturally all preventive and therapeutic medicines and given to your body when needed on the right time and right dose to bring you back to normal.

Pharmaceutical drugs and  synthetic chemicals attack the nervous system. After a prolonged use the nerve cells in  the Brain cease to function normally. Because it’s receiving these drugs the body stops producing natural endorphins, enkephalins and neurotransmitters which are the brain chemicals that communicate information throughout the brain and body and keep you healthy and alive.

It is a system of assessment and treatment that gives great importance to the body structure problems and problems from mechanical imbalances. Not only alternative treatment in conventional medicine , but a complementary approach that adds health to the patient invaluable assistance before an integrated feature of treatment.



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