“But my Doctor Say’s Natural Cures and Natural Remedies are Just a Load of ‘Quackery'”…

This is a typical response we hear from people when they consult their doctor about using natural cures and home remedies.

But if you get scurvy, do you know you can cure it with vitamin C. It’s been proven! In fact, back in the days of Christopher Columbus they would make sure baskets of oranges and lemons were taken on their ships in case of a scurvy outbreak.

Did you know anemia can be cured with iron? The “father” of medicine, Hippocrates, knew this thousands of years ago. He would soak iron swords in water to make them rust and then use this to mix up an elixir to give to his anemic patients.

Rickets (a bone degeneration disease) can be cured with calcium and vitamin D. It’s also been proven. Back in the 1930’s they added vitamin D to milk and cured rickets completely! 2

Did you know goiter (enlargement of the thyroid gland) can be cured by eating seaweed?

The list goes on… but I think you get the idea.

Everything we need to “cure” ourselves from sickness and disease has already been given to us. And it was all put here long before we arrived.

It’s time for us to stop listening to the big profit driven pharmaceutical companies who keep trying to convince us we need their drugs.

And instead, let’s get back to nature!

You Can Easily Beat Your Health Problem With Natural Remedies and Cures…


 There is  life-saving information on virtually every natural cure and natural remedy that’s available. 

A Final Reminder…

So please make the most of  natural medicine services ( study methods  and remedies.

And of course, be sure to give natural treatments and natural remedies a go first before deciding on any surgery or drug therapy.

Remember this… you can always get the drugs or surgery later but you can’t get “unsurgeried” later… you can’t get any of your body parts put back later!


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Εγκεφαλικοί νευρώνες

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Ο τρόπος που νιώθουμε, αντιδρούμε και στεκόμαστε απέναντι στα πράγματα δεν αποτελεί κομμάτι του DNA Μπορούμε να μεταμορφώσουμε ριζικά το συναισθηματικό μας κόσμο, αρκεί να συνδέσουμε σωστά τα… εγκεφαλικά μας δίκτυα.
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Πόνος στη μέση

Οι πόνοι στον αυχένα και στη μέση είναι οι πιο συχνοί καθώς ταλαιπωρούν ένα πολύ μεγάλο ποσοστό του πληθυσμού. Η λύση δίνει ο υπερδύναμος βελονισμός.
Ο Βελονισμός είναι μία φυσιοπαθητική πράξη και όχι ιατροτεχνική. Ο Βελονισμός δεν πονάει, οι βελόνες είναι μίας χρήσεως και τόσο λεπτές όσο μία τρίχα από τα μαλλιά μας.



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