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SINCE the earliest days of history man has been looking for a magic cure-all for his bodily ills, and the search is no less intensive to-day than it was in the distant past. Indeed, we can say with certainty that the search for a magic cure-all for man’s ills has been intensified in the past two or three decades, since the discovery of the antibiotic type of drug, such as penicillin. As each new antibiotic is discovered or invented, so the idea is put forward that here, at last, we may have within our grasp the ” wonder drug ” which can cure most if not all of our ailments. Alas, this far-too-optimistic view is doomed to be shattered sooner or later, and the search for the magic cure-all goes on at an even faster pace, with all the international drug houses trying to be the first in the field with the winning formula that will ” scoop the pool” and bring them the richest possible dividends in terms of both cash and prestige.

A Curious Fact

It is a curious fact that people have always held to the idea that somewhere there is to be, found something that can cure man of his manifold diseases, and the belief has taken curious forms over the centuries. At one time it was the blood of toads or such-like, which was thought to have wonderful curative powers, or the organs or excretions of the animal or insect world, while at another time it was the use of gold or silver or precious stones. It is an interesting fact that many of the crowned heads of Europe, when dying, were given powders made of crushed diamonds and pearls in the hope that the precious elements would work a miracles and restore the ailing monarch to full health, but, alas, the effect was just as disappointing as that of the older potions.

Holy relics have also played their part in the search for themagic cure-all for disease, while to-day the emphasis centres on drugs of various kinds and potencies. In the context of this article we should not overlook the part played by herbs. There have been people in all ages who have believed that any disease may be cured by the use of the right kind of herb, and it must be admitted that herbal folk-lore has bequeathed to modern man a knowledge of herbs that is’ of the greatest value to the modern herbalist in his work of helping the sick and ailing. ” Killers ” X-rays and radium have also been regarded as having within them the means of becoming the magic cure-all for which man has sought so patiently for thousands of years, but it is becoming increasingly clear that X-rays and radium are more likely to be ” killers ” than magic cure-alls, in the light of their effects in present-day medical practice, when assessed objectively.

indexWe now come to the real point of this article, which is to show that the belief in a magic cure-all»for disease is just another of the chimera to which the human mind is so prone. We love to blind ourselves to the truth about many things, because facing up to the truth is often a painful and distressing process also, it often means that we have to do something for ourselves rather than having everything done for us. The search for a magic cure-all is just such a will-o’-the-wisp which the mind of man has followed throughout the ages, and one which can never bring the desired results. The reason is quite simple: There can never be a magic cure-all for disease. It is an impossibility, and this fact becomes clear once one realizes what disease is and how it comes into existence within the body of man.


So long as people believe that disease is some evil, external entity which enters man’s body and has to be got rid of by external agents introduced into the body, whether by means of drugs or anything else, then there may be some sense in continuing the search for a magic cure-all, as is the case in orthodox medical and scientific circles, as well as in certain non-medical fields. To anyone who has studied the principles of Nature Cure, however, it should be quite clear that diseaseis the result of man’s contravention of natural law, through unwise living habits of various kinds. It follows, therefore, that the cure of disease must lie in the re-establishment of co-operation with the natural laws of his being which man has flouted or ignored in the past, through either ignorance or foolishness.

Once we have established this fact it becomes all too clear that the search for a magic cure-all for disease is merely a waste of time. Moreover, it leads people off the track of the real cause of disease and prevents them from discovering the only way in which the cure of disease can be brought about.

imagesOf course, it is far easier to believe that by taking a pill or a powder, or having an injection, and so on, we can get rid of our ills and be restored to full health. That is certainly a beautiful dream, and one which gives much comfort to millions of people the world over. But—and it cannot be reiterated too often—the idea is an impossibility, and the sooner the brutal truth is faced the better it will be for mankind as a whole. Then, we can begin the real task of getting rid of disease by the only method possible, and that is by the adoption of Nature Cure in its fullest and widest sense.

Nearly forty years of experience in the Nature Cure field has made the writer all too well aware that views such as those expressed in this article are not likely to gain wide acceptance among the general public. People are much more ready to accept views and ideas which pander to their desire for” life on easy terms “, which is, unfortunately, the besetting sin of most of us, nowadays, in the era of the Welfare State. People have become so used to having others in more responsible positions taking their worries and problems off their own shoulders that they much prefer to pin their faith to ” wonder-working ” drugs or injections or anything else which is supposed to cure their ailments, rather than to face up to the fact that their ill health and lack of well-being are chiefly the result of their own lack of care or foresight. The Ever-present Germ.

stool-study-300x294There is, moreover, always the ever-present ” germ ” to make it appear that the medical viewpoint about disease is correct and that the Nature Cure viewpoint is quite absurd and foolish. Nevertheless, an understanding of the Nature Cure philosophy will soon make it clear to the inquiring reader that germs are not the basic cause of disease, and that they can only come into operation in a suitable toxic ” soil”, i.e., a soil built up in the body through unwise habits of living, dietetic and otherwise. Again, therefore, we are brought face to face with the Nature Cure contention that man is responsible for the diseases from which he suffers, such things as accident, injury, heredity, etc., being excepted, of course.

Thus, the search for a magic cure for disease is doomed to failure, no matter how vigorously it is carried on in medical and scientific circles. It is doomed to failure for reasons which cannot be controverted despite all the seeming success of this or that drug or treatment as so enthusiastically reported on the radio, or TV, or in the popular press.

Whatever seeming success may be achieved with this or that ailment, for a time, the overall picture is one of increasing disease of a chronic kind, such as cancer, coronary thrombosis, high blood-pressure, arthritis, and so on, to say nothing of the vast increase in mental and nervous disorders which has taken place in recent years. It is a very gloomy picture, despite the claims of those who continue to assert that medical science is opening up a golden era for mankind, thanks to its researches in the field of disease causation and cure.

imagesThe fact remains that disease, per se, is still unconquered, despite the herculean efforts of the orthodox medical research establishments. Until people in general accept the Nature Cure view as to the real nature of disease and how it may be overcome, we cannot expect any real decrease in the vast incidence of disease in the world. In other words, what we need is not a magic cure-all for disease, but the acceptance of the fact that man himself is responsible for the ailments from which he suffers. Only then will a new era in this all-important realm be opened up—an era full of hope and promise, in place of the gloom, despondency and disappointment which is all that can come from a continued search for a cure-all for disease.





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