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First do no harm — primum non nocere

Your food shall be your medicine (Hippocrates the Naturopath of  460 B.C)

Welcome to the Original Hippocratic Sciences

What is Naturopathy Nutrition?

Your journey to the real knowledge of natural Prevention and Treatment  is about to begin. with us  in this course you will get to know  the greatest discovery ever made about health and disease.

Our  philosophy is based on the belief that through proper education and empowerment  graduates  can help their patients  to understand that if they can provide their bodies with all the necessary tools and materials needed will achieve and maintain optimum health.

We will not  teach you  great secrets  or mysteries to good health; everything you need is easily within our reach. You will simply  need to be open to our ancient Hippocratic naturopathic values that provide the foundation of today’s progressive nutritional therapeutics.

Naturopathic Nutrition Therapy  is having to do with  the natural approach to a healthy nutrition  considering  the individual as a whole, where all aspects of his life is included in accordance with the Naturopathic Nutrition Philosophy.

Our Naturopathic  approach involves  emotional, spiritual and physical health to construct a state of well-being for higher health.

We approach is  encouraging education on basic nutrition to develop a Naturopathic holistic nutrition  program which will incorporate natural and organic foods, natural  supplements and food treatments for acute and chronic health conditions

No doubt conventional legal medicine falls short of providing all the answers to everyday diseases  and an ever increasing number of people are seeking out alternative natural  therapies.

Fueled by every day concerns about diet and food safety the area of health and fitness has become one of today’s fastest growing industries.

People  today are more interested  with their health and nutrition  than at any other other time in history and this has brought about a greater appreciation of the role of food and nutritional health.

This has in turn created not only a need but also a demand for professionally trained therapists.

Most of us these days  acknowledges the substantial role that natural  plays in  prevention of diseases and maintaining our health.

OrthoCellular  is a term that comes from ortho, which is Greek for “correct” or “right,” and “cell,” Cell is the basic building block of all living things. The human body is composed of trillions of cells. They provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions. Cells also contain the body’s hereditary material and can make copies of themselves.

Cells are made of Molecules

Two-time Nobel Prize winner, and molecular biologist, Linus Pauling, Ph.D.,coined the term “Orthomolecular” in his 1968 article “Orthomolecular Psychiatry” in the journal “Science.”

Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body.In 1969 Linus Pauling coined the word “Orthomolecular” to denote the use of naturally occurring substances, particularly nutrients, in maintaining health and treating disease. Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body.

The key idea in orthomolecular medicine is that genetic factors are central not only to the physical characteristics of individuals, but also to their biochemical milieu. Biochemical pathways of the body have significant genetic variability and diseases such as atherosclerosis, cancer, schizophrenia or depression are associated with specific biochemical abnormalities which are causal or contributing factors of the illness.

“The methods principally used now for treating patients with mental disease are psychotherapy (psychoanalysis and related efforts to provide insight and to decrease environmental stress), chemotherapy (mainly with the use of powerful synthetic drugs, such as chlorpromazine, or powerful natural products from plants, such as reserpine), and convulsive shock therapy (electroconvulsive therapy, insulin coma therapy, pentylenetetrazol shock therapy). I have reached the conclusion that another general method of treatment, which may be called orthomolecular therapy, may be found to be of great value, and may turn out to be the best method of treatment for many patients.” – Linus Pauling, Science, April 19, 1968, p. 265

The following therapeutic modalities fit the definition of orthocellular:

  • Vitamins
  • minerals
  • amino acids
  • essential fatty acids
  • fiber
  • enzymes
  • antibodies
  • antigens
  • molecule therapy
  • chelation therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Nutrition
  • Naturopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture

We all  knows how health is undermined by malnutrition.

However, the bare facts regarding  nutritional adequacy make up only the tip of a giant iceberg of knowledge that links nutrition with freedom from illness, recovery from  even severe  diseases and attaining  vital health.

We all know that today’s  legal conventional medicine sadly underrates the potential role of nutrition, preferring to advocate drugs and surgery, almost implying that they constitute a route to good health.

Unfortunately  they do not. Rather, they are more like sticking plaster, patching things up rather than dealing with the root of the  problem. Few people question their usefulness in the right context, but they are hardly promoters of vitality.

The most fundamental underlying principle of Naturopathic Thearpies  is that of promoting and supporting the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, to heal from within.

That is what exactly Naturopathic nutrition  wants  to do. It seeks to clear away the obstacles to the body’s ways of self-healing. It also seeks to support and strengthen the forces within the body that are responsible for that healing.

The problem is that within the modern  chemical medicine, , nutrition is being thought of only as background information, not as serious treatment that may have more potential to treat serious chronic diseases than modern medicine.

To promote nutrition as treatment these days is often derided as a medical heresy, yet the deriding is done without knowledge of the subject and without evidence.

In this matter, the medical orthodoxy is guilty of conducting itself non-scientifically. Open-mindedness is a duty of anyone purporting to work scientifically, but that duty is being laid aside in favour of negative bias.

Clinical nutrition follows suit with conventional  medicine  which is concerned with people having enough of this nutrient or that, usually with a bias to keeping the recommendations low, rather than seeing what positive outcomes can be had from luxury nutrition.

Usually, they address the question one nutrient at a time, overlooking the fact that the nutrients have to work together in combinations and within a balance within the cells of the body. When testing nutrients against named illnesses, they usually take them one at a time, like asking whether Vitamin C can cure or prevent the common cold. But that is not the way that any well informed Naturopathic nutritionist works. They end up doing tests, therefore, under conditions that are inappropriate to the ways in which we practice.

The strategy of Naturopathic Nutritional approach  is aimed at normalizing and activating the cells’ own internal systems. If the cells, and therefore the body, are ailing and sluggish, it aims to return the cellular metabolism to normal, and so restore vitality and health.

The conventional nutritionist is seemingly fumbling and at a loss if asked to take any action towards restoring health. He knows not what to do.

His training has certainly not informed him as to what to do unless it is a straight forward nutritional deficiency illness like scurvy or beri – beri. So, in most cases of ill health he or she is powerless.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements and Course Delivery in all Study Subjects:
The minimum entrance requirements for student shall normally be equivalent to those for higher education.

The entrance requirements, basically is the successful completion of year 12 or its equivalent. However in the case of mature age applicants, other qualifications will be taken to account and evaluated on an individual base.

It should be noted that criteria for selection also include personal maturity, previous work and life experience and high degree of commitment and willingness to spend the time and effort to meet the course requirements.

Training classes have been designed to suit people with work and or other family commitments.


  • Anatomy
  • Pathophysiology
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Orthomolecular Therapy
  • Definitions -Terms and Concepts
  • History of Nutrition
  • The High Tech Diet
  • Carbohydrates and Proteins
  • Basic Food Combining
  • Dietary diseases
  • Iridoloy diagnosis
  • Food Philosophies-West and East
  • Naturopathic Principles
  • Foods -Facts and Fallacies
  • Nutrients and Anti-Nutrients
  • Toxicity – Detoxification & Fasting
  • Chemical Toxicants in foods
  • Allergies and Hypersensitivity/Food Intolerances
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine  & Diagnosis.
  • Naturopathic diagnostics
  • The Embryonic Germ Layers
  • The 4 humors of Hippocrates
  • Health benefits of Naturopathic Diets
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Nutritional  Supplements (dynamic medicine)
  • Chinese Nutrition
  • Bio-energetic Nutritional Testing
  • Nutritional Therapy case studies
  • Nutritional Orthomoleculra Treatment of Common Diseases
  • Research/ Thesis/ Examinations
  • Ethics & Jurisprudence
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Professional Practice
  • Certification

The School  is a Naturopathic School and  not a School of Medicine, nor does it hold itself out to be such, but it does teach students to recognize those conditions requiring surgical, or other intervention and refer such cases to the appropriate  health professionals

Neo-Hippocrates School of Natural Therapies
Neo-Hippocrates School of Natural Therapies
Natural Doctor
Natural Doctor

”Ανόητος ο γιατρός που περιφρονεί την γνώση που αποκτήθηκε απο τους αρχαίους προγόνους του.”

Γράφει ο Iπποκράτης θέλοντας να προειδοποιήσει τους μαθητές του για τους κίνδυνους και τα ολέθρια αποτελέσματα, που έχει όταν αφήνου την θεωρία να προπορεύεται έναντι της κλινικής πρακτικής.

Εγκεφαλικοί νευρώνες
Εγκεφαλικοί νευρώνες

Σημαντική η επανεκκίνηση στους νευρώνες του εγκεφάλου σας.
Ο τρόπος που νιώθουμε, αντιδρούμε και στεκόμαστε απέναντι στα πράγματα δεν αποτελεί κομμάτι του DNA Μπορούμε να μεταμορφώσουμε ριζικά το συναισθηματικό μας κόσμο, αρκεί να συνδέσουμε σωστά τα… εγκεφαλικά μας δίκτυα.
Πληροφορίες -99463550

Πόνος στη μέση
Πόνος στη μέση

Οι πόνοι στον αυχένα και στη μέση είναι οι πιο συχνοί καθώς ταλαιπωρούν ένα πολύ μεγάλο ποσοστό του πληθυσμού. Η λύση δίνει ο υπερδύναμος βελονισμός.
Ο Βελονισμός είναι μία φυσιοπαθητική πράξη και όχι ιατροτεχνική. Ο Βελονισμός δεν πονάει, οι βελόνες είναι μίας χρήσεως και τόσο λεπτές όσο μία τρίχα από τα μαλλιά μας.




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