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Natural HealthCare Studies:

From  College Diploma  To University  Degree  

More and more money is being spent on higher education.

Too little is known about whether it is worth it

< I cannot teach anybody anything.I can only make them think>…..(SOCRATES the greatest philosopher of all times).




To improve HealthCare by integrating advances in Natural Nutrition,Environmental training, and Behavioral and Bio-energetic  sciences into Clinical practice,Professional training and Public Education.

Our aim is to train and empower HealthCare professionals ( conventional and Alternative practitioners) in the correct use of Natural Therapeutic practices and remedies  for the effective prevention and treatment of health problems and achieve well-being and longevity.

We are taking an important step toward improving our  health  and protecting the health of our family and our society.

The truth is that diseases don’t just happen. They result from complex, interacting factors. These are often predictable. They are also distinct for each individual person.

Doctors don’t cure diseases.

At best they use their  technical skills, their knowledge of science and their  passion for helping others to enable people to heal themselves. At worst, they undermine the healing process by ignoring the needs of the person who is sick or the body’s requirements for healing itself.

The best treatments— medical and surgical—depend for their ultimate effects on the healing power of the body.

These insights have begun to change the way we think about health and illness. We have learned that  suppressing disease is not enough to restore health.
People everywhere, doctors included, are hungry for information that allows them to strengthen the healing process.

During thirty  five years as a practicing Naturopathic  practitioner, I have attempted to understand why some people who are ill regain their health entirely, while other people with the same disease receiving the same treatment fail to recover and still others get better only to become sick over and over again.

My research led me to the conclusion that long-term health outcomes are primarily controlled by important factors in the lives of each person. I call these factors the “pillars of healing.” Supporting them often has a more profound effect upon health than merely treating disease.

Since establishing my Neo-Hippocrates School  of Naturopathic Sciences 1987  ,I have encountered a growing acceptance of the importance of these pillars for restoring and maintaining health. Medical centers in Europe, Cyprus and Greece  are feeling pressure from the communities they serve to be more patient-centered.

Many are attempting to incorporate therapies which help to heal the person, not just treat the disease. Health maintenance organizations are exploring the concept of “integrated management” for patients with chronic disorders like diabetes, asthma and arthritis. The most enlightened are beginning to realize that merely treating people with suppressive drugs is not cost-effective; they need to help people change their diets, their environments, their exercise patterns, and their attitudes. Experts on the problems of ageing have concluded that the health of elderly Americans will benefit more from measures that improve physical strength, immune function, mood and social interaction than by the medical treatment of those diseases which ravage the elderly.
Alarmed at the rising global childhood mortality rate, the World Health Organization has concluded that treating each life-threatening disease as a separate entity does not work. Nutritional therapies to improve immunity and environmental hygiene to limit exposure to infections and to toxins can accomplish more.

We are on the brink of a revolution in health care which is being driven not by technology but by the recognition that healing people is more effective than treating diseases.  This Health  the evolution  is having to do with the following principles:


What attracts people to Natural/Complementary medicine is that this kind of medicine is GENTLER form of therapy than most conventional treatments. It is considered a kinder and gentler, with a much reduced risk of causing harm to those who use it.

Complementary medicine does not treat the patient  according to the Law of the Opposites used by the Conventional doctors, but according to the Law of the Similars. This means that when we give to patient natural remedies (vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, natural diet, detoxification  and other bio-energy treatments we work according to the LAW of SIMILARS. Why? Because we do not go against/kill, suppress  the symptoms of a disease instead we help the symptoms to do their work efficiently and bring balance to the disturbed energy levels of the body.

Orthodox medicine claim that it treats disease according to the Law of the Opposites, which means that it will suppress /treat the symptoms to cure the patient. The symptoms are taken as the cause of the problem. As a matter of fact conventional medicine treats by acting against the disease. This means that if they give a synthetic medicine to a HEALTHY person will produce disease to him. If they give the same dose, the same medicine to a SICK person will produce Health/cure.

This Law of the Opposites is a very strange Law:

If a medicine makes the HEALTHY person SICK, imagine what is going to happen if this the same medicine, same dose etc is given to the SICK ( already exhausted and deficient in energy levels and vitality). I think that this will cause more disease as the  symptoms will be masked and the healing power will stop functioning and if this continues on for long time the original condition will get worse, and chronic, degenerative.

Surely the Complementary medicine is much safer than orthodox medicine. The reason is drugs produce contrary symptoms to the disease, so we have these severe adverse reactions most people have experienced when they have taken such drugs.



Unlike the synthetic, highly sophisticated and refined products used by medical people, the complementary remedies and treatments used by Alternative /Complementary Therapists are derived from NATURAL SOURCES. 

Complementary medicine offers natural medicine from our strongest LINK, the Mother Nature ( herbs, vitamins, minerals etc…The SYNTHETIC PILL given by the orthodox medicine contains an isolated chemical compound. Pharmaceutical companies take one chemical from the plant, leaving behind the hundreds of other compounds and also the minerals, vitamins, fibers, that accompany the one chemical in the live plant. Each raw herb has a unique combination of chemicals in it.

A HERB’S MEDICINAL EFFECT IS THE RESULT OF THE SYNERGISTIC ACTIVITY. All chemicals contained in the herb are working together.

By ingesting a synthetic chemical isolate containing molecule chains altered in the laboratory we are depriving of ourselves of the full healing effects of the herb from which the chemical came.

So offer Natural, non-toxic remedies which have no side effects and they help rather inhibit the body’s function.


Complementary medicine practitioners offer treatments which are based on holistic philosophy. They consider the body as a UNIT which means that each tiny part of the body and in turn each  of its systems is intimately connected to every part and every other system. So when the function of any part of the body is less than 100%,the rest of the body is affected in some way or the other. The medical science is concentrating on particular diseases and treat the symptoms that manifested.

The Alternative/complementary practitioners do not ignore the fundamental principle that no matter what part is of the body shows signs of illness or injury, every other part of the body is affected. So a whole body approach is offered to the patient. If a patient comes with cancer of the lungs will not be viewed merely as a pair of lungs. The problem may be connected to psychological factors, environmental factors. The patients are being offered a treatment  not according to the name of disease as conventional medicine . The complementary medicine practitioners see individuals as UNIQUE. The body-mind –spirit is taken into account.

10 patients may suffer from Migraine Headache but the treatment will be offered will not be the same. One may suffer from migraine due to psychological factors, and another patient may suffer migraine when exposed to damp or cold weather, or from bad eating habits. The treatment is tailored to individual needs, as each person will produce symptoms and signs unique to them, and react differently to any given set of circumstances.


The patient is able to spend much more time (usually up to 1 and ½ hours ) with the therapist than he is with the conventionally trained doctor. The environment in which the patients are seen is generally more cosy and relaxed, there is no waiting room full of sick people outside. The patients are given the time and opportunity to explain all their symptoms-complaints etc.


Complementary medicine practitioners encourage patients to take more personal responsibility for their own health.

Complementary medicine patients take a much more active role in making decisions about their treatment. They do not wait until they are ill before visiting the doctor, they go before they develop symptoms, or when they want to boost their well-being and overall-health.

Support the patient’s efforts in gaining and maintaining control of their own health.


One Gram of prevention is better than a ton of Cure.

One of the important roles of the Alternative Medicine is to teach people to prevent their diseases rather than cure them.

We believe that many illnesses may be prevented by maintaining the patient’s emotional, spiritual, and physical in balance and harmony at all times.

Alternative Medicine practitioners (Naturopaths, Nutritional Therapists, Bioenergy therapists, etc) are concentrated on Prevention and Lifestyle therapy.

The Alternative movement is sending a message to the public that there is an Alternative natural therapy, gentle therapy without the severe adverse Reactions of the many synthetic chemical drugs and conventional practices.

This prevention can be succeeded by the use of the Natural Therapy Methods such as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Nutritional Therapy.. etc..methods which are using natural means such as detoxification of the environmental (Food toxins, psychological toxins, natural herbs, vitamins ,minerals, amino-acids, organic foods, osteopathic manipulative adjustments, acupuncture to rectify energy imbalances and strengthen the IMMUNE SYSTEM, and increase the ENERGY LEVELS of the body to overcome the condition, whether this is pain, swelling  or Cancer .

Our role is to  professionally train practitioners who in their  turn  inform people, the healthy and sick that alternative medicine medicine is here to help them with a different kind of preventive and treatment approach to their health problems.






Neo-Hippocrates School of Natural Therapies
Neo-Hippocrates School of Natural Therapies
Natural Doctor
Natural Doctor

”Ανόητος ο γιατρός που περιφρονεί την γνώση που αποκτήθηκε απο τους αρχαίους προγόνους του.”

Γράφει ο Iπποκράτης θέλοντας να προειδοποιήσει τους μαθητές του για τους κίνδυνους και τα ολέθρια αποτελέσματα, που έχει όταν αφήνου την θεωρία να προπορεύεται έναντι της κλινικής πρακτικής.

Εγκεφαλικοί νευρώνες
Εγκεφαλικοί νευρώνες

Σημαντική η επανεκκίνηση στους νευρώνες του εγκεφάλου σας.
Ο τρόπος που νιώθουμε, αντιδρούμε και στεκόμαστε απέναντι στα πράγματα δεν αποτελεί κομμάτι του DNA Μπορούμε να μεταμορφώσουμε ριζικά το συναισθηματικό μας κόσμο, αρκεί να συνδέσουμε σωστά τα… εγκεφαλικά μας δίκτυα.
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Πόνος στη μέση
Πόνος στη μέση

Οι πόνοι στον αυχένα και στη μέση είναι οι πιο συχνοί καθώς ταλαιπωρούν ένα πολύ μεγάλο ποσοστό του πληθυσμού. Η λύση δίνει ο υπερδύναμος βελονισμός.
Ο Βελονισμός είναι μία φυσιοπαθητική πράξη και όχι ιατροτεχνική. Ο Βελονισμός δεν πονάει, οι βελόνες είναι μίας χρήσεως και τόσο λεπτές όσο μία τρίχα από τα μαλλιά μας.




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